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The  Bishop  A.  L.  Hardy Academy of Theology program is off and running!


The  Bishop A. L. Hardy Academy of  Theology Hours are from  8 A.M. to  1 P.M. every Tuesday and 5 to 10 P.M. Tuesday Evening ONLY in Seattle at  4103 Rainier Ave. So. Seattle,  Washington 98118. Phones are ( 206 )725-4271;  ( 206 )725-9959;  Church Phone (206)722-4920


For more information call the administration office numbers listed above.


This announcement is for all returning and potential students and also for all who have set theological goals.  And  still have not met them. We are offering you another chance to meet those unforgettable Goals. The Academy is offering classes starting at the Associate of Theology through the Doctor of Theology. Classes as following.


               Associate of Theology ( ATh) 2 Year Program


1.   Survey of Old Testament Part 1

2.   Survey of the Old Testament Part 2

3.   Survey of the Old Testament Part 3

4.   Survey of the New Testament

5.   English Grammar and Composition

6.   Accelerated Studies

7.   Sermon Preparation or Public Speaking

8.   Biblical Family Counseling


               Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.) 2 Year Program


1.   Evangelism

2.   Explore The Book

3.   English Grammar and Composition

4.   Pastor, Church, and Law Part 1

5.   From Slavery to Freedom Part 1

6.   Accelerated Studies

7.   Biblical Family Counseling


               Master of Theology (Th.M.) 2 Year Program


1.   Apologetics:  This  course  covers Non-biblical

      religions; In-dept study of various Cults and the Occult


2.   Pastor, Church, and Law: This course covers In-

     dept study of church  and Law related activities


3.   Advance English: This course will cover

     Critical writing,  research, and analysis


4.   Negro History from Slavery to Freedom 


5.    Knowing the Doctrine


6.   Thesis writing


7.   Student Practicum: This  study  allows  the  students  the privilege of

      presenting to their class His or Her class their finding in their research


The Master students are required to write a thesis  of  20,000  words.  The  

student  is  to submit the title of the subject matter as well as the title of each

chapter covered in his or her  thesis within 90 day after enrollment



               Classification of Doctrine: Doctor of Ministry ( D. Min.) 2 Year Program


1.   Exegetical Theology: Exegetical comes from a Greek word meaning to draw out

2.   Historical Theology: This study traces the history of the development of doctrinal interpretation

3.   Dogmatic Theology: Dogmatic theology is the study of the basic of the faith as set forth in a church creeds

4.   Biblical Theology: This study traces the progress of truth through the several books of the Bible.

5.   Systematic Theology: This branch of Bible study is concerning God and man arranged in topics

6.   Natural Theology: This study is used to designate that body of truth learned from nature concerning God.


The Doctoral Candidate will have to write a dissertation or a book of 250 pages. This

writing will have to be on topics studded in the class. At a set date the doctoral candidate will

have to come before a board of theological critics to defend what he or she wrote. 

Upon complete satisfactory the board grants permission for that Degree.


               The 7 Dispensation of Man.   Doctor of Theology (Th. D.) 2 Year Program


The studies for the Doctor of Theology, or the Th.D program, are the seven dispensation for man. In

These  Dispensation  of man, The students shall gain vital information from the two eternities. One is

from the eternity in  the  pass.  And  the other one is from eternity into the future. The students shall

learn some thing about the former Restoration of the earth in the 6 days Gen. 1:3-2:25. And the final

Restoration (Rev. 2l - 22)


               The 7 Dispensation of Man are as following


1.   The Dispensation of Innocence

2.   The Dispensation of Conscience

3.   The Dispensation Human Government

4.   The Dispensation of Promise

5.   The Dispensation of Law

6.   The Dispensation of Grace

7.   The Dispensation of Divine Government


Upon completing these 7 subjects the student will have to write a 45,000 word Thesis. And on

A set day these students will have to appear before a board and defend what he or she wrote.  If

the defense of the candidate is satisfactory the student shall receive his or her Th.D Degree.



               Biblical Family Counseling:


God has designed marriage to be a  beautiful relationship of deep unity.  And the strength and beauty

of that biblical norm are reflected in  far too few marriages today.  We see divorces rates are soaring

even among Christians, and couples  who do not go their separate ways resign themselves far too of-

ten  to  mere  coexistence.  Then  result is that many are tempted to view deep marital unit as impos-

sible ideal.


Dr. A.  L.  Hardy  has  recognized  the  challenges that are involved in building a strong marriage. 

He  also  knows  that the Scripture provided  the  method  and  means  for  meeting  those  challenges

with growing  success.  He  said it has worked for him. Why not You? In this class of about 8 months. 

He has a wealth of practical information on Biblical Family Counseling, Marital Roles, Communication,

Finances, Sex, Child Raising, and Family Religion. This class on Counseling is good for Pastors, Leaders Couples and individuals. Every Child of God should have it!!!  


               There are 8 subjects in this class:


1.   Unity through Understanding God’s Purpose for Marriage

2.   Unity Through A Clear Understanding of the Wife’s Responsibilities

3.   Unit Through A Clear Understanding of The Husband’s Responsibilities

4.   Unity Through Good Communication

5.   Unity Through Financial Agreement

6.   Developing Sexual Unity

7.   Unity Through A common Philosophy Of Raising Children

8.   Promoting And Maintaining Unity By Means Of Family Religion


In this class you will discover that there are five ways a spouses may separate,

and four ways they may be remarried. This class fills up  fast. If you are lazy and will

not study,   this class is not for  YOU!!! But if you will study ambitiously  this class

is for you. Please Call  today so that your name  will be placed on the Register for

the class of 10 and 11. Thanks to the Facts.


Our phone numbers are: Home:(206) 725-4271; Office: (206) 725-9959




Statement of Exemption


The Washington Student Achievement Council has determined that Bishop A.L. Hardy Academy of Theology qualifies for religious exempt status from the Degree-Granting Institutions Act for the following programs: Associate of Theology in Religious Education (ATh); Bachelor of Theology in Religious Education (BTh); Master of Theology in Religious Education (MTh); Doctor of Ministry (DMin); and Doctor of Theology (DTh). The Council makes no evaluation of the administration, faculty, business practices, financial condition or quality of the offerings by this institution.  Any persons desiring information about the requirements of the act or the applicability of those requirements to the institution may contact the Council at P.O. Box 43430, Olympia, WA 98504-3430.