Welcome To The Academy

The Bishop A. L. Hardy Academy of Theology is located in the Great Northwest, Seattle Washington.
The Academy is known throughout the Northwest and across the country for its academic leadership in Christian Education.
It is our goal to provide a robust academic program in religious studies to anyone who has a desire to strengthen their religious fellowship with the Lord and their stewardship in their local church. Our training is not intended to advance persons in the secular field of employment however it may be a considering factor in some forms of community work.
Students can take individual classes for personal enrichment or pursue a program of coursework leading to a certificate, associate's degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a doctorate's degree. We invite prospective students to visit our campus site and to audit our classes.
If  this is your first introduction to our school we would be pleased to hear from you. You can contact us by phone (206) 725-4271(206) 725-4271; by fax (206) 723-7879; or by email: ghardy3208@q.com










Applicants desiring entrance into the A. L. Hardy Academy of Theology may make an appointment for registration by calling (206)725-4271(206)725-4271. Applications will be mailed upon request. After your completed application is received and approved, the non-refundable registration and tuition will be required. 

Registration remains ongoing throughout the academic year.  A student who has paid tuition and wishes to withdraw after classes have begun will receive a maximum of 50% of tuition paid limited to the first three weeks of the academic year.


This curriculum is designed to cover the following six Departments of Theology:

1. Exegetical Theology
2. Historical Theology
3. Dogmatic Theology
4. Biblical Theology
5. Systematic Theology
6. Natural Theology





























































































































































Bishop A.L. Hardy Academy of Theology
3208 So. Hanford St.

 Seattle, Washington, 98144, US
Phone: (206) 725-4271(206) 725-4271 Fax: (206) 723-7879